개인회생자대출가능한곳 MY ANIVIA VS THE “NEW” LEBLANC – Climb to Master S8 | League of Legends


리그오브레전드 르블랑 멋진 영상 멋지고 화려한 모습들
리그오브레전드 르블랑 정말 멋지고 너무나도 화려한 플레이
리그오브레전드 르블랑 화려하고 멋진 영상들 같이보실까요?

리그오브레전드 르블랑 공략영상부터
리그오브레전드 르블랑 매드무비까지
리그오브레전드 르블랑영상보고 기분좋은 하루 보내도록하세요

리그오브레전드 르블랑지금시작합니다

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  1. the problem is that im always get bursted.
    she is slow and cant dash or speed up.
    cant realy dodge and get poked away very soon or the assasin kills u as soon as u use Q

  2. I’m pretty certain he kills LeBlanc with the wall at 13:37. Lol

  3. Huzzy, your advice is usually pretty sound. Don't tell people who to fanboy/respect though. FoxDrop and Midbeast both have respect for the guy and so do I.
    I guess we don't view boosting high elo players and murder to be on the same level lmao.

  4. Your arguments for why Dopa is not the best are straight up dumb. I could say the exact same thing about Dopa not caring for the competitive scene as he played, didn't give an f, got banned (what a shocker) and his team trolled the next game. He simply doesn't care for tournaments and all that, nor for the reasons you believe would categorize him as "pro" (which are also wrong, but w/e). I'm not even his fan, I just hate stupidity/ignorance talking. Specially from your position, saying that looking up to a GOOD SoloQ player (which btw, is what your audience play, you won't find them in the LCS or something) is making the games community worse (WTF).

  5. Why do you constantly waste the minion dematerializer on the small ones? Why not use them all on the cannon minions? You have trouble farming those anyways so

  6. hey Huzz, it is not "I should not have flashed"? is it just common to say "shouldn't of"?

  7. play thresh its almost a year or two the last time you played threah

  8. Huzzy I believe riot has removed the one damage from many abilities and added some other way they interrupt and draw tower aggro

  9. Then why is skarner and olaf getting spamed at the top of solo q by dom, revenge, tarzaned and quite a few other pro junglers? Maybe its an NA thing?

  10. Anivia main here.
    I've made good experiance start save my Miniondemateriliser till I do have 500 Gold. Then start to spam it and you have an easy backport for tear+pink.
    Then you need to choose between dmg the enemy or pushing. Both usally does not go well.
    Cause you have TP push in go back to get the basic boots.

    And here is the tricky part: I can go to my botlane and get at least 2 Flashes useing my Wall.
    Instantly port back to regenertate and use TP to get mid.
    Take care: Does not work vs Ziggs and jng that want your tower.

    At all is that a really good start but chill in mid an just farm is mostly a better way if you dont trust your bot or if you outscale easyly.

    Sry for my grammar and ty for read 🙂
    Hopefully I inspirate some of you.

  11. you could look at the CC score under stats to check if you performed well as an utility champ like anivia

  12. 19:04 you had the aggro in egg form already 😀

  13. @Huzzy is there a reason you use minion dematerializer mostly on melee minions?

  14. Huzzy,can you play kha'zix again pls??

  15. Good morning Huzz!
    Thx for the new video,help me a lot like every video.
    Can you help me with some advices?
    I'm new to the game i play league for 6 months and i want to improve my skill,currently im silver 3 in promo,i play in eune(ik is a bad server but there are all of my friends,maybe i will create another acc on euw) and i play mid and jungle,my champ pool is ahri,tallyiah and diana on mid and shyvana,ww and evelynn on jungle,if you can give me some advices like what heroes to play on mid,if anivia is good for me bcs i like it and i want to know if will be good to play her at my current skill level. Thx for your videos and all the good work you are doing on this channel,you help so much peoples including me.

  16. Would you mind explaining why you think Dopa wouldn't stand a chance in pro play? I'm curious.

  17. Beware my minion derbadruuuhh.
    What's that do?
    Not pronounce it correctly that's for damn sure lol.
    Love you huzz. No flame.

  18. The solo q culture in Korea is quite different than mostserverst here in the west. They tend to take it quite seriously which is why it has historically been used by players to practice. Although I agree that Dopa is no where near the best, I disagree with the notation that most pros are better than him.

  19. It's a sad day when LeCancer still isn't permantly removed from the game.

  20. You singing that song over and over the entire game made me feel actual pain

  21. Y'know I would like the Huzzy announcer package, just for a Huzzy canon announcement.
    And I'd like it if the huzzy canon announcement was like, super duper rare

  22. Me see anivia me upvote i cant play the bird as clean as you do

  23. I may pick anivia in silver 2, do you have any tips huzz?

  24. who is he talking about? who is best player?

  25. Not gonna lie I liked the way they reworked lb and didn’t really feel that it was as hard to play or as clunky as some other people thought. The revert, like you said, also makes her fairly useless unless she can get kills early.

  26. I saw a small heart cushion in a shop today and bought it. Now I can physically throw likes on your videos twice a day at my laptop screen. Will be fun!

  27. when are you going to do the eye tracker video

  28. Notification Squad! Keep up the good work Huzz!

  29. You're the boss Huzzy, I can't get enough of your commentary. Keep helping us get better at League. I honestly can't believe I'm a season 1 vet and for some reason, I never played ranked until last season. Probably feeling as though I wasn't good enough for ranked. Betwen you and Professor Akali I managed to finally get into ranked. Your vids help so much. I can't wait to start streaming and hopefully talk to you in person at some point, perhaps vis discord 🙂

  30. Hey Huzzy, more bird – I like it!

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